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If you are thinking about joining a fishing club or just want more information, come check us out. We meet every month at John Marshall Library in Alexandria. Meeting times are at 7:00 p.m. on the first tuesday of the month during the club fishing season (April-November).

John Marshall Library
Meeting Room J
6209 Rose Hill Dr.
Alexandria, VA 22310
(703) 971-0010

If you plan on attending, please confirm the date and time by visiting the Schedule link at the top of this site. You can also contact our Club President:

Dave Lakeman

Our members have all levels of angling skills ranging from novice to seasoned tournament angler. You must be 18 or older to join the club and have a have a passion for bass fishing.

Membership dues are $75.00 per year. Applicants for membership are invited to participate in three club events. After the third event, a vote is taken to admit the applicant and then membership dues are collected. Joining a bass club is an effective way to improve your angling skills and make friends with other bass fishing enthusiasts.

The Club Bylaws and Tournament Rules for Potomac Bassmasters of Virginia are linked to this site:

Club By-laws
Tournament Rules

Whether you are a new club member or an existing one, by paying the annual membership dues you are agreeing to abide by the Club By-laws and Tournament Rules. Please read these documents and familiarize yourself with the by-laws and rules. They are meant to be fair and ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe club experience.

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